8 Safe Ways to Detox while you’re pregnant or breast feeding!

8 Safe Ways to Detox while you’re pregnant or breast feeding!

Detoxing while your pregnant is typically a big no no. However, these tricks will be a much more gentler form of detoxing, nourishing and balancing.

Here are a few of my favourite ‘detox’ methods while also getting a dose of self care in, score!



What are earth is this my friend Courtney? Grounding is the practice of standing barefoot on the earth for 10-15 minutes. What does this do? It helps to release positive ions and absorb negative ions to balance our frequencies giving you a more calm and happy composer. You can also absorb minerals from the earth. 



Getting your blood pumping through movement  is an excellent way to release toxins through your sweat, produce oxytocin and heal your body by increasing blood flow. It’s important to remember while excessive is healthy and recommended during pregnancy, now. Is not the time to push yourself or start a new workout regimen without the go ahead from your doctor or first. You want to maintain your healthy lifestyle, not gain;)


Dry Brushing

Ah! I love the ritual of dry brushing aka skin brushing. Yaaasssss! Literally what it sounds like! It’s an amazing tool for helping to cleanse the lymphatic system by brushing your skin towards lymphatic exit points, while increasing blood flow and exfoliating.


Who loves the feeling of slotting off dead skin cells, getting rid of the old and bringing forth the new and radiant?! So good! I created Pink Beach our organic face and body Watermelon Dead Sea salt scrub to do this plus leavening quenching moisture behind from mango butter, avocado butter and coconut oil. It’s the perfect hashtag momlife product for when you don’t have time to moisturizer after the shower, leaving your skin deliciously hydrated.

Wheatgrass Juice

Evergreen Wheatgrass Juice is the best wheatgrass hands down. Adding raw chlorophyl to your diet is a natural yet gentle blood purifier, while being full of crucial vitamins and minerals. Evergreen is grown outdoors in a sun soaked field ensuring it is mold free. Unfortunately, indoor try grown wheatgrass often comes with a side of mold, so stay clear of indoor tray grown wheatgrass especially while pregnant and trust evergreen’s wheatgrass!


Oil Pulling 

Swishing coconut oil in your mouth daily for about 10-20minjtes can have some great benefits to your health. No only by detoxing your mouth of extra bacteria, but also helping to remove stains and whiten teeth!

Himilayn Salt Bath or Epsom Salt

Full of muscle relaxing magnesium, Epsom salts can help to release lactic acid build up resulting in happier looser muscles! Bonus, magnesium is great for helping you to get your bowels moving! Just make sure the water is not too hot but I comfortable warm for the safety of you and baby.

H20, hot lemon water and ACV

Hydration is the most important one! Without proper amounts of water (you mama are more than 80% water), your body will have a hard time keeping up and releasing toxins, everything from having enough to pee to release , to your cells being able to osmosis, water is life and keeps everything moving in harmony so drink up mama!

Tytan’s Mama

Who me? Haha well kinda, Tytan is my son which makes me his mama! But what I mean is the Mama Safe Essential Oil Blend from our shop! Pre-diluted to 2%, which is the max recommended EO % while pregnant, and full of anti-bacterial , anti-viral oils, it’s a great choice for boosting immunity!


Hugs, snuggles, kisses and Sex!

oxytocian , the feel good hormone is so crucial to have as humans to balance our hormones and mental health. When our bodies create oxytocin’s through human contact, it lowers cortisol levels which can be the fight or flight adrenaline hormone leaving us feeling exhausted and anxious. We then need to feel happy and safe to combat it and feel peace again. So snuggle up with your baby daddy and let that love loose! 

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